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Ten (Really Eleven) Reasons Administrators Should Use Web 2.0 Tools

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Some things to think about before we discuss the reasons why administrators should use Web 2.0 tools:

The number of teenagers using the internet has grown 24% in the past four years and 87%

of those between the ages of 12 and 17 are online.

(Pew Report, 2007, http://www.pewinternet.org)

The "Teens and Social Media" study found that 64 percent of Internet users aged 12 to 17 create some form of online content, up from 57 percent in 2004.

(Pew Report, 2007)

62% of all Americans are part of a wireless, mobile population that participates in digital activities away from home or work.

32% of all Americans access digital information from a hand held device every day.

(PEW Internet Project's December 2007 Survey)

Nearly four in ten adult Internet users had uploaded video or photos, blogged, posted comments to an online news group or Web site, remixed a song, or created some other form of media.

(Amanda Lenhart, et al, “Teens and Social Media,” Pew Internet & American Life Project, December 19, 2007. Cf. also Mary Madden and Susannah Fox, “Riding the Waves of “Web 2.0,” Pew Internet & American Life Project, October 5, 2006).

Data from Technorati, a blogging search engine, found in the spring of 2007 that the

number of blogs was doubling every 320 days. According to the research, there were

70 million blogs produced worldwide at that time.

("State of the News Media 2008")

Reason 1: Communication with the community-blogs

Blogs let you reach a large audience easily. But it also allows a discourse through commenting.

It also allows readers to use RSS feed technology to know when new content has been added.

ESchool News article on Supers using blogs

Principal Blog Project

Communicating with the greater community- Webpage vs. Blog

Lewis Elementary School

Communicating with the parent community

The Woodland Brag Blog

Personal and professional reflection that invites a dialogue

Practical Theory - Chris Lehmann

The Principal and Interest


Reason 2: Conducting Surveys

American Association of School Administrators: Publication
Superintendents and boards can find formal research — rather than anecdotes and impressions — an advantage on key issues

Survey Monkey

Survey given to Wayzata Building Technology Integration Coaches


Reason 3: Collaboratively developing ideas

Wikis are an online collaborative workspace. You can plan meetings, co-write communications, collect resources, share research, etc...

Video is from http://www.commoncraft.com/video-wikis-plain-english

How often do you have common time to meet with the key stakeholders you need to meet with? What if you had a workspace online that was open 24 hours a day/7 days a week? You could add ideas, pictures, video, etc...? You could have an ongoing discussion? You could turn back the clocks if you made a mistake?



5 reasons why wikis work so well
What wikis do for teachers and administrators?



Reason 4: Sharing Data

If you were at a conference, like this one, you could share information of the session you are attending to anyone in your school district while attending the session.

These sites can be used to exchange/share data (text, spreadsheets, planners, and data bases)


Google Docs and Spreadsheets


Reason 5: Professional Development-Moodle

Moodle allows the professional development to occur outside the boundaries of the school day or the classroom.

Staff Moodle

Reason 6: Receiving Up to Date Information: RSS Feeds

Imagine getting all your news and information on daily, weekly, and monthly events from every school in your district, state and federal agency, professional publication, and other administrators blogs, wikis, and podcasts without going to these web sites. The information will come to you. RSS (Real Simply Syndication) feeds can do this for you



What is RSS and Why Should I Care? A Presentation for Educators and School Administrators

Greenwood Elementary Wayzata Public Schools

Districts turn to push technology to engage parents, community and kids.


MNASA Web Page



Google Reader


Reason 7: Sharing Presentations-Slideshare, Voicethread

Sharing your presentations on the web invites people who are unable to attend your meeting. Increase your audience, welcome the whole community.

http://www.slideshare.net/ - wiki search, 21st Century Skills search


Reason 8: Global Connections

With RSS feeds you can get information on a daily basis, but what if you want to talk to another administrator(s), teachers, state officals, school board members, and other professionals around the work in "real" time?


Skype: Easy Collaborations with Audio and Video Conferencing

Administrator Idea-Sharing via Blogs, Digital Social Networking, and Educating Others for the Transition to 21st Century Schools

Video conferencing, web 2.0 apps help distance learners feel included

Blog topic

Voice with e mail

Add voice to e mails


Record a sketch with or without voice. Explain something, have fun, or create art.

Reason 9: Reflection-Moodle forums, blogs, wikis

Image from http://www.docfunny.com/images/ponder.gif

Where does reflection fit into the work day? How many initiatives fall by the wayside because we never process its value, its context, or our role in its implementation?

Staff Moodle

Middle School Prof. Growth Blog

Adult Learning Matters

Reason 10: Social Networking/Virtual Environments


Social Networking in Schools Gets a Boost from NSBA

Educational uses for Second Life

ISTE Second Life Island


Urban Superintendents Network


Create a social network behind your firewall


Social Bookmarking

Reason 11: Modeling for your staff

"In the know is a good thing"

"The Next Wave: Web 2.0"

American Association of School Administrators**

Empowering the 21st Century Superintendent (CoSN)

2008 Tech Savvy Superintendents Awards (ESchool News)

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